Our mission is to help Veterans and First Responders who are suffering from PTSD or homelessness and need a new mission. We help you find a new passion and purpose. Together we can end suicide and suffering. This is our new mission.

“You’ve had our backs, now let us have yours.”

V.I.C.S. Ranch Foundation was founded in the name of the CEO Viktoria Colvin’s Dad Vic who was a Korea War Veteran and passed away in 2018.


The CEO is a Veteran of the US Army and Army National Guard, her brother, husband, and son are Marine Corps Veterans, numerous family members are also veterans.

The determination and dedication to build a ranch for Veterans and First Responders came about as the numbers of homelessness, suicide, and PTSD rose to astronomical numbers.

This ranch will provide a safe place to live while building new job skills and training as the residents will be designing, building, maintaining, and improving the property, facility, and themselves.

Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains – the location will provide ample fun and fulfilling activities when on downtime.

If you need help or would like to get involved:

Please call us at 775-315-9410

or you can mail us directly at

11650 Fir Drive Reno, Nevada 89506.

However, you’ll receive a quicker response by emailing us at contact@vicsranch.org


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