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Making the World a Better Place For All Veterans & First Responders

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Veterans Independent Connected Support Ranch—VICS RANCH—Is a safe, tranquil, and breathtaking place for Veterans and First Responders to come to, or come back to. Whether you come to VICS Ranch for a day, week, month or a year or more, we will always be here as your extended family ensuring you are never alone, helping you to thrive, not just survive. VICS Ranch has got your six.

We encourage all who come here to return as a volunteer to mentor and share your experience, knowledge and journey, enriching the minds and lives of those who follow.

“Within each of us is an exclusive melody which when heard and followed, can lead us to the fulfilment of our fondest dreams” Joe Bachman

Our vision is to help those wanting to find a new mission, passion, or undiscovered talent.

Our mission is to eradicate or reduce suicide, homelessness, and assist those qualified to become Independent, while staying Connected, and understand they always have Support.

VICS Ranch Inc. shall be operated exclusively for job skills training, art and animal therapy, creative design and housing as needed for veterans, first responders or their immediate family members.

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