A Feel Good Story


A feel good story when everything is so negative we still need focus and attention on the good out there. I think the people need to see there is still hope, love, and generosity.

I am a former reporter and I know how great a good story is. I thought wow, wait a minute, I would have loved to cover a story that gives you goose bumps. Well those are the messages I am receiving from so many.
This is a true, get you by the feels, generosity story. Happening right here in Alabama. A local man, Tim Hawkins, of Langston, Alabama, is making a huge offer to a Veteran Nonprofit to get a real start. Watch the video to understand the WHY – and Mr. Hawkins WHY –

Because you care about our Veterans as much as I do. It is so urgent because we are running out of time.

Whatever you can do to help, we greatly appreciate it.

I am a Veteran and a daughter, sister, wife, and mother, and best friend of Veterans. I am reaching out because we are building a Ranch for Veterans combatting PTSD to save our brothers and sisters in arms – VICS Ranch.

I have put a pitch video and plea to people to donate because we have an amazing opportunity. Can I share our message with you and will you share it out to your followers? I continue to make more videos asking for people to get involved. Time is of the essence.

You have no idea how excited we are. We found the perfect property to have VICS Ranch and it has been only a dream for the last 2.5 years.

He could sell this property for 2 plus million dollars – But on Friday, we went to see the property again. I don’t know why, we can’t afford it. Tim Hawkins, the owner, was there. God spoke to him the moment we met with him in person and he dropped the price for us to 1.5… WOW you might think. I know I did. As we spent more time together, he decided to throw in his 100K John Deer tractor and all the other things he wasn’t planning on leaving.

While we continued to look at the property, we spent a lot of time talking about all the ideas and plans we had for it and how many Veterans we will be able to help on this 82 acre ranch off the Tennessee River. At one point just Tim and I were alone in the house. He grabbed me by both my shoulders and said, “Please tell me you’re going to buy the place for your ranch.” I replied, “Oh God Tim, we definitely want this place, it is perfect and ready for action. But, I’m not going to blow smoke up your ass and lie to you. We do not have the money – we will have to find it, get donors etc. if there is any way you can just hold off a little and gimme time to raise it.” We hugged and he said I will help however I can.

After 2 and a half hours walking, talking and dreaming of the possibilities and the realtors already gone, it was time to leave. As we were headed out Tim stopped alongside us in his truck, us in our jeep, he asked, “Are you in a hurry?” We said no. He said, “Why don’t you come back up to the house and let’s have a chat.

We drove back up to the house and while my husband gave the dogs water and Tim was downstairs locking up I went into the screened porch and looked out at the view across the Tennessee River and dropped to my knees to pray. My husband came in while I was praying and later told me when Tim walked in he reverently took off his hat and put it to his chest while I finished praying. I wasn’t embarrassed by my tears, I was just so moved by the offers Tim had already given us. He said, “take a seat.”

Tim said, I have a guy coming Wednesday and I’m sure he is going to buy it. But, I don’t want him to buy it, I want you to have it. God has pressed on my heart for this to be where VICS Ranch is meant to be. So this is what I want to do – if you can come up with 100,000 and we can get a contract in place, and it’s yours. He said he will hold the mortgage until we can raise the remainder of the 1.5 – but we can move in immediately and get started serving our Brothers and Sisters in need immediately. The only caveat is we have to have this by Wednesday. So we need to raise the 100k, then he’ll give us a contract and let us move in
and Open the doors.

I’m sorry this is so long, but I want you to get the best story in a nutshell.

We need help to get our message out. I am putting out more plea videos and would greatly appreciate any help.

We are under the gun because we basically have to raise 100k in just a couple days.

We are currently almost to 25k raised in just a day.

Thank you so much,

Viktoria (Tori)